Friday, May 22, 2015

Pictures - "Party with a Purpose"

Last night, more than twenty women came to our home for a great cause. We hosted an event called Party with a Purpose which highlighted two amazing organizations - "Sole Hope" and "Noonday". The women had a wonderful time together!

Much of the world's population lives in great poverty. As a result, they lack food, water, jobs, shelter, clothing, shoes, etc. Party with a Purpose was a fun and effective way to raise awareness and make a tangible difference in lives around the world.

47 pairs of shoes will be sown together in Uganda as a direct result of last night's party. Artisans will be compensated for their creative work with the Noonday. We can wait to host another party like this!

You can see some pictures here.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

"Not on My Watch"

Yesterday, I read an impactful blog that's tough to get out of my mind. Many of you have read Ann Voskamp's blog and you want to help. If you have not read it yet, PLEASE read her blog. It is a must read! As a parent of five girls, this was difficult to read. I literally felt sick reading it. All I could think of is our soon-to-be 9 year old and her two older sisters, my niece, my friend's daughters, etc. as I read Ann's post. I can't wrap my thoughts around the horrors facing young girls in Iraq.

I spent the day trying to figure out how much money we can give to help. As Lauren Chandler wrote, "We can do this! We can help! 2k of us -- only $25 -- the cost of a trip to the movies for 2!" As Christians, we want to be defined by the way we love. This is especially true for those who are suffering.

Tomorrow at Noon, you can watch a lifestream conversation with Ann and Jeremy Courtney (Founder of Preemptive Love Coalition). Jennie Allen will be the host.

Take a stand with others and say, "Not on my watch!"

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A "Thank You" from My Wife

On May 10th, I was shocked at the end of our Mother's Day service when I was called to the front for a special surprise. I was given a basket full of some of my favorite things and so many beautiful cards from so many of my favorite people. You have no idea how surprised I was!!!

I enjoyed reading through each card and will keep them forever. I am so humbled that so many would take the time to write and encourage me. What a blessing! I am so glad God brought so many great people into my life.

I am so thankful for such a great gift of kindness!


Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Responding to Nepal….

Life is short, and mission is urgent.  

Two weeks ago, a devastating earthquake struck Nepal killing over 8,000 people. Yesterday, another 7.3 quake struck the region again resulting in at least another 68 deaths.
David Platt recorded a powerful message on A Christ-Compelled Response to Nepal. You can listen to it here...

We are encouraged to pray more fervently, give more sacrificially, and go more urgently to the peoples of Nepal.

Many of you are wondering what you can do. Here are some organizations you can support who have been and will continue to work in Nepal.

1.  Asia’s Hope:  Asia’s Hope is a multi-denominational, grassroots movement working in Cambodia, Thailand, and India to provide quality long-term care for orphaned children at high risk of sexual and economic exploitation.  A fellow Acts 29 pastor has worked with this group in Asia, and I am hoping to go in 2016.

2.   Mountain Child:  Mountain Child exists to empower Himalayan children with the skills to become carriers of hope to their people.

3.  International Mission Board: The IMB has one goal - bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to unreached people in the world. They have been working in Nepal too.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Gospel Project - "Gospel. Life. Ministry."

Yesterday, Heather and I were able to watch watch a four-hour event from the Gospel Project.  It was titled: Gospel. Life. Ministry. Over 20 well known pastors and speakers presented on topics from The Gospel and the Heart, The Gospel to the Nations, the Gospel and Family Discipleship, to many others. These videos are now available online for free along with discussion guides for each video.

In case it is overwhelming to think about watching all of them...

Heather’s favorites:  
The Gospel and Family Discipleship by JD Greear  (If you are a parent, this is the one to watch!)
The Gospel to the Nations by David Platt
The Gospel and Community by Jeff Vanderstelt
The Gospel-centered Church by Matt Chandler

If you work in children’s ministry ANYWHERE, you should consider watching The Gospel and Kids Ministry by Jana Magruder

Scott’s favorites:
The Gospel and Religion by Derwin Gray
The Gospel and the Heart by Paul Tripp
The Gospel and Family Discipleship by JD Greear
The Gospel to the Nations by David Platt
The Gospel-Centered Church by Matt Chandler

Here is the link: